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Due Diligence & Valuations

Due Diligence

While the customer want to invest in company, be it the acquisition or association in the form of Joint venture or Alliance, it is imperative for the company making the deal to understand others business, its present and potential cash flows, realistic evaluation of assets and liabilities, analysis of Profit & Loss account, suppliers and customer profiles, adherence to statutory compliances and to over all evaluate whether the deal will make money and bring strategic advantage in future to achieve its purposes. Our experienced due diligence team is there to support you.

Where clients on the other hand is being acquired and investment is being envisaged, we help the client in making it prepared for the due diligence with forth sight approach, based on our experience, including making the strategy for fair and successful completion of due diligence.


Business valuation is critical for making critical business decision for strategic acquisitions, mergers or Joint Ventures. We help you in assessing the fair value of the deal, helping in getting value for your money.

We use appropriate mix of methodologies for evaluating the business or the deal keeping all the relevant facts in mind like past and future financial projections, business prospects, growth potential, government policies, IP and patents, brand value, WACC, etc.