Arete Consultants

Management Consultancy

Arete Consultants provide a unique form of management consultancy to business organizations and other institutions by creating a paradigm shift in the thinking of top management towards the execution of business processes. Their focus is sharpened to specific areas that are limiting the growth of output in the organization. This paradigm shift produces substantial immediate gains.

Opportunity of Improvement in any organization:

Organization output would increase infinitely unless there is a limitation. Every organization has a ‘limitation’ that controls its output. This limitation could be a simple bottleneck in the process flow or a set of conflicting measures/policies that force the organization to compromise on various options. Identification of this limitation is the critical step to enhance the output. Once it is identified there is a possibility to open this limitation and consequently increase the output.

Often people confuse the limitation with general scarcity of resources. This is not true in most cases. Resources seem like limitations because these are busy. However, reality is that they may not be working in a synchronized way that is essential to maximize the output. For improving the output, there is a tendency of maximizing the use of each and every resource that takes away the focus from critical resources that are really responsible for the overall performance.

Arete Consultants advise organizations on the following: