Arete Consultants

Surbhi Agarwal

Surbhi Agarwal, with 9+ years of experience has been leading Arete to grow manifold in the field of Software development and marketing. She has experience of working on projects with the government of India, private as well as international clients, on building technical and marketing strategies, delivering software solutions that meet the needs of diverse clients across different markets and industries.
She has been working with clients across the globe touching North America, Europe, Australia and South East Asian countries to understand, strategies, execute and implement their varying requirements in terms of technical value addition for the respective organisations.
Working with the government, she has interacted at the Secretary level with various Central and State Ministries.

Played a pivotal part in development of various projects within the Ministry of Agriculture and has represented them at multiple forums including FICCI and Assocham. Has successfully led the team of Arete for project presentation before the Secretary Government of India and state of Meghalaya.
She is also the Co-founder & Director of a startup of the Agri-tech industry.
She also has experience of helping in promoting startups, working with corporates on their mergers & acquisition plans, valuations, and representing clients for investor meetings.