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IT and ITES Sector

Venture into the heart of India’s thriving Information Technology and IT-Enabled Services (IT/ITES) sector, a global offshoring powerhouse. With a significant contribution of 7.4% to the GDP in FY 2022 and providing direct employment to over 5.1 million individuals (expected to rise to 9.5 million by 2026), this sector forms a cornerstone of India’s economic landscape.

As India strides towards its goal of achieving developed nation status by 2047, the government is actively fostering this transformation. Initiatives like the Software Technology Park of India Scheme, a 100% export-oriented endeavor, bolster the development and export of computer software, enhancing India’s global competitiveness.

The National Policy on Software Products (2019) exemplifies India’s commitment to emerging as a global leader in intellectual capital-driven software product development. Anchored by the Indian Software Product Registry (ISPR), this policy creates a trusted trade environment, fostering innovation and propelling India to the forefront of the global IT/ITES sector. Explore investment avenues in India’s tech powerhouse and be part of shaping its dynamic future.