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Doing Business in India

Why to invest in India

There are several good reasons for investing in India.

  • One of the largest economies in the world.
  • Strategic location - access to the vast domestic and South Asian market.
  • A large and rapidly growing consumer market up to 300 million people, constitute the market for branded consumer goods - estimated to be growing at 8% per annum. Demand for several consumer products is growing at over 12% per annum.
  • Foreign investment is welcome; approval is required but is automatic in sixty categories of Industries.
  • Skilled man-power and professional managers are available at competitive cost.
  • One of the largest manufacturing sectors in the world, spanning almost all areas of manufacturing activities.
  • One of the largest pools of scientists, engineers, technicians and managers in the world.
  • Rich base of mineral and agricultural resources.
  • Long history of market economy infrastructure
  • Sophisticated financial sector.
  • Well developed R&D infrastructure and technical and marketing services.
  • Policy environment that provides freedom of entry, investment, location, choice of technology, production, import and export.
  • Well balanced package of fiscal incentives.
  • A sophisticated legal and accounting system.
  • English is widely spoken and understood.
  • Rupee is convertible on Current Account at market determined rate.
  • Free and full repatriation of capital, technical fee, royalty and dividends.
  • Foreign brand names are freely used. No income tax on profits derived from export of goods.
  • Complete exemption from Customs Duty on industrial inputs and Corporate Tax Holiday for five years for 100 per cent Export Oriented units and units in Export Processing Zones.
  • Corporate Tax applicable to the foreign companies of a country, with which agreement for avoidance of Double Taxation exists, can be one which is lower between the rates prevailing in any one of the two countries and the treaty rate
  • .A long history of stable parliamentary democracy.

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