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Merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions are usually high-dollar, often substantial events for any company.  The wrong structure or a bad deal can cost millions of dollars or threaten your financial stability as a buyer.  This is why having the right consulting firm on your side during M&A activity is important – it’s the key to making great deals and avoiding bad ones.

Arete Consultants Pvt. Ltd. expertise in mergers and acquisitions work is extensive.  We have worked on numerous M&A engagements from both the buy-side and the sell-side. Our services in this area go well beyond performing due diligence work.  Arete Consultants has facilitated many deals by:

  • Creating the best structure (from a legal, tax and practical business standpoint)
  • Representing clients in negotiations with prospective buyers or sellers
  • Determining true fair market value
  • Performing due diligence to identify issues / benefits
  • Modeling to demonstrate the benefits, returns of a business combination
  • Providing in depth experience and guidance to quickly identify key terms and conditions which directly affect the viability of a proposed transaction
These are just some of the numerous roles & services that Arete Consultants provides as a facilitator of your M&A activity.