Invest In India

How to Start

The investor has to take the following steps chronologically

  • First identify the sector in which the Investment has to be made
  • Check prohibited sectors from FDI policy
  • To decide on entry strategy
  • Identification of Joint Venture partner if required
  • Agreement with Joint venture Partner
  • Check from the FDI Policy whether that sector falls under the automatic route or Government approval route
  • After ascertainment of the route to be followed, check what sectoral limit is prescribed.
  • If the sector falls in the automatic route, no prior approval required.
  • If the investment requires prior government approval, the approval to be sought through online FIFP portal, after receiving the approval proceed as in automatic route but subject to conditions mentioned in the approval letter.
  • To decide on mode of Investment
  • Establishment of Company
  • Remittance in India
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Commencement of Business